Since I retired from teaching full time, I have moved with my wife to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. I now teach part-time at Royal Isabela Golf Club in Isabela.

Beautiful Royal Isabela Golf Course

  • Although I have a theory and technique that I believe is the best and easiest way to swing a golf club for the successful playing of the game, each player will feel this in a different way.  It is important to take into consideration the makeup of each student from physical to mental.  In the teaching process, it is very easy for an instructor to tell someone how they should be swinging the club, but what if they can’t do it that way physically.  It is also easy to tell someone they are hitting behind the ball, but you need to explain why.  My goal is get the student to understand why their ball is doing what it is doing and what in their swing is causing the result they are getting.
  • My interest in teaching began in 1972, when I began some teaching as a young professional.  After a brief playing career, I began to focus on more teaching as a means of income.  I began to be exposed to more and more people with different styles and physical makeup.  It was in the early 80’s that I discovered the ability to see swing tendencies and what they caused in ball flight.  I also developed the skills of presenting the golf swing in a comfortable relaxed manner.

Teaching Golf at Cinnabar Hills Golf Course in San Jose, CA.

  • My joy in teaching comes when I see and share with the student the moment when they experience the understanding and satisfaction of accomplishing what we were trying to do as a team.  There is great satisfaction when an accomplished player enjoys success on the course after a lesson, but true passion is realized when a beginning student who thought they could not play the game, becomes a golf player on a regular basis.      

Learn to play better golf so you can have more fun on the course!