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The Perfect Set Up For EVERY Golf Shot We Play! – In this weeks video Andy and Piers play a couple of holes and will show you the perfect set up for every shot that they play! What makes this video so perfect for all you golfers out there is it allows you to learn how to play a golf shot from a lot of different positions and situations and how to correctly set up to these situations.

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➡️ Beginner Golf Basics – Part 1 –

➡️ One Tip That Will Change Your Chipping Forever –

0:00 Intro.
00:13 – Driver set up
01:46 – Setting up in the rough
03:40 – 100 yard pitch shot set up
05:08 – Piers’s new chipping style
07:02 – Setting up to a putt
08:31 – Long iron set up
09:56 – Short iron set up
11.01 – Ball below feet set up
12.37 – Rough chip shot set up
13.43 – Chip and run set up

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