Low Handicap plays Cheap 2 piece Mid Handicap Golf Ball – What’s the Difference?

I played nine holes with a mid handicap golf ball – just a two piece with a surlyn cover. I was expecting very little out of it because I am so used to playing urethane golf balls.

Didi at Burapha shooting 80 with a crap ball; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8Nv01FDveA

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Actually, I like this golf ball. It’s the Inesis Soft 500 and it’s $1 a ball from Decathlon. I must admit, I will play these golf balls as much as I can until I actually see any significant performance issues and only then will I change back to urethane.

How to go stress-free on a golf course? Play cheaper balls and never fear losing them. Only by losing the fear, do you stop losing balls. This is science. Believe me.

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